Lough Boora Discovery Park

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Lough Boora Discovery Park – A landscape of Art & Natural Beauty

Transformed from its previous incarnation as a commericial bog where peat was harvested to heat homes around the country, Lough Boora Discovery park is home to countless species of birds and wildlife, fish-0filled lakes and a permanent exhibition of huge outdoor sculptures.  These sculptures give the park an other-worldly feel, created using the old industrial materials of the bog such as locomotives, rail-line and timber, all crafted into magnificent works of  art.  Kick-off your Lough Boora adventure at the Visitor’s Pavilion and rent bikes for the whole family.  Then take it at your own pace, round the 20km of mature-trails, including the recently opened Fairy Avenue.  Watch out for fast-moving hares that skip across the paths as you cycle by and don’t forget to stop-off at one of the many bird-hides for a glimpse of our feathered-friends up close and personal.

Lough Boora Discovery Park is a beautiful landscape at the centre of Ireland - paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Through a creative combination of nature and the human hand new habitats are emerging on the cutaway bogs of Co. Offaly.  Lands cloaked with great raised bogs for 10,000 years are at the dawn of a new era.  Bogs harvested by Bord na Móna for energy since the 1940's are establishing as unique and welcoming habitats for a wide range of flora and fauna.  

In the Parklands there are walkways and cycle paths that can range up to 30kms and are completely off road.  There is an International award winning Sculpture Park with 22 large outdoor sculptures and also picnic areas and lakes for angling.


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