Slieve Bloom Walking Trails

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Walking Trails in the Slieve Blooms

The Wonderful thing about the Slieve Bloom Mountains (besides being the monst unspoilt and uncongested in the country) is that you’ll find trails to suit every ability from the experienced hiker to the casual stroller.


Whether you take on the long-distance Slieve Bloom Way or opt for one of the shorter looped trails, you’ll be rewarded by spectacular views stretching across the midlands of Ireland.  If you fancy getting off the beaten track for 3 days on a mountain trekking adventure, then pack your rucksack and take on the Slieve Bloom way.  Covering a distance of 84km, your daily hikes will consist of 4 to 5 hours walks across a mixture of terrain, from gorse-covered flatlands to relatively gentle inclines.  Then each evening, you can replenish your energies and supplies in the welcoming towns along the trails

The gentle rolling hills of the The Slieve Bloom Mountains rise from the central plains of Ireland, forming a natural link between Counties Laois and Offaly. Their central location makes the Slieve Bloom area an ideal base for visitors wishing to make trips to other parts of Ireland.The Slieve Bloom Mountains are among the most unspoilt and least explored areas in Ireland. They are surrounded by a necklace of villages, each one a gem. Spend a while in Kinnitty, Clonaslee, or any of villages, and it is like stepping back in time, to an era when life moved at a much slower pace. These are places where people will take the time to talk to you, where tourists are not so common and where the locals will have a genuine interest in you.

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